Deaf Art Community (DAC)

Maybe some of you never think how if people who are deaf held a show, such as dance, drama, pantomime, etc. But it is real, in Yogyakarta there is a Deaf Art Community, also known as DAC, this community consists of some talented deaf people. “Aku Ingin Menjadi Kupu-Kupu” or in English means I want to be a butterfly, is a theme that DAC always use in most of their show, it means they want to get people’s attention, prove everyone that disabled can be useful, from cocoon to be a butterfly, from nothing to be something, by doing some arts, and motivate people by their own way. The theme is also the purpose of the community. For example when they performed in front of many weary workers in Surabaya, by their art, DAC succeeded to be a butterfly and succeeded in raising workers’ emotions, until they all cried, maybe they thought if disabled persons have strong spirit to be something, why I do not have. DAC have perfectly motivated the workers.

For that purpose they do exercise frequently, although they are not paid, but they feel satisfied, just because they can get attention and do something worth to everyone. Another example, when they invited as guest star in Gadjah Mada University test for candidate student in Klaten, during their performance, people felt so touched, it looked from their expression, and after the show ended, everyone did standing applause loudly. Once again, they succeeded to be a butterfly, DAC have infected their spirit to everybody in the test. They have gotten a place in spectator’s heart, they have proved us that disabled is not a reason to feel inferior and do nothing. The last example, when they performed in Yogyakarta to celebrated Disabilities Day, the spectators were stunned and applauded them. When the show was ended, the official gave them award to appreciate their talent. They have answered the discrimination that disabilities usually get, by their arts. DAC prove us that they have changed into butterfly, over and over again.
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