(Yogyakarta Culinary) Wonderful Coffee at Peacock Coffee

Hello coffee lovers, I would like to share a reference to hangout that really fit for you, named Peacock Coffee. It is located in the north of Yogyakarta, exactly at Palagan street number 61, Ngaglik, Sleman, Yogyakarta, the place is before Hyatt. Consisting of two-storey minimalist building, Peacock Coffee presents a simple concept and really nice as a hangout place even from morning to morning again you could hangout as long as you can, because Peacock Coffee is open 24 hours. With shades of black and white color and cozy atmosphere, I guaranteed you will feel at home here. Peacock Coffee also provides free wi-fi facility and much charging port. The majority of visitors who come to Peacock Coffee is a young people or students. If you like the bustling atmosphere you could come to Peacock Coffee in the afternoon or evening, but if you want to have quiet and calm atmosphere, please come to this place in the morning or afternoon. The menu in Peacock Coffee vary, there are coffee, juice, milkshakes, and snacks. All drinks menu costs Rp 25,000 - while all the food menu costs Rp32.000, -. When I visited Peacock Coffee I decided to taste a cup of Mochaccino and a glass of Carmelito. Overall it is good and the mixture is wonderful. For those who love coffee latte I highly recommend these menus, but for those who prefer coffee with a strong flavor and without a mixture of milk you can try Americano or Espresso.

Menus on the wall

Steps to 2nd floor



(Yogyakarta Culinary) Wonderful Coffee at Peacock Coffee (Yogyakarta Culinary) Wonderful Coffee at Peacock Coffee Reviewed by Bernardus Adhika Sagasitas on November 25, 2016 Rating: 5


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