5 Best Water Activities To Do in Bali

Bali is well-known for its natural beauty that is captivating and has been awe-inspiring for anyone who saw or enjoyed it. With abundant natural beauty, it has become common knowledge that Bali is one of the compulsory destinations for local and foreign tourists who visit Indonesia. One of the most chosen activities to do in Bali is water activity, because the number of beaches, rivers, sea, or even watersports playground that is charmingly scattered on the Bali Island, here are the 5 best water activities that you can do in Bali:

As one of the most popular watersport in the world, Surfing have some healthy benefit, some of the top benefits are as follow: First, it must be a great cardiovascular fitness and a good way to strengthen your shoulder, back, and legs’ muscles. Second, surfing is a vitamin D sources which is good for your bones and skin, and the last, it can increases the positive benefits that sleep brings, studies show that regular exercise can increase the positive benefits of sleep. Fortunately, due to its natural wealth, Bali has so much beaches and surfing spot as well. No need to worry if you do not bring your own paddle board or do not have surfing guides, because as a well-known Surfing spot for surfers around the world Bali has so many surfs travel that is spread along the beaches.

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You can enjoy the beauty of Bali’s sea by sailing aboard the luxury Yacht, even you can feel the sea breeze directly hit your body. Cruising in the seas has become a trend for tourist who wants to sailed the Bali’s sea and enjoy Bali in a different way. Moreover, not only sailing, there are many vendor that offers amenities just like in hotels, as well as many activities to do in this yacht, such as, dinner, party, sunbath, even watch the live show, while sailing over the yacht.

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Nowadays, rafting becomes popular activity to do for all ages. In addition as a good body muscle exercise, rafting is also a good family bonding, teamwork mastery and mind refreshing. No wonder so many groups that do rafting come from a company or institution that has a lot number of people. In Bali there are some best rafting spots with the typical obstacles, good water flow, and beautiful rural view in Bali, and of course with guaranteed security and quality. The examples of the best rafting spot in Bali are, Ayung River, Telagawaja River, and Melangit River.

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Preserve underwater life can be done in various ways, one example is diving. No doubt the beauty of underwater scenery in Bali is amazing, due to many beautiful coral reefs and underwater creatures inside it. The gratitude and a sense of belonging can easily you get if you can directly see and swim around them. In addition as a good physical fitness and preserve nature, diving can also increase the concentration / focus, breathing and improve blood circulation. For those of you who are not expert on swimming no need to worry, because Bali has many vendors that provide various facilities for diving.

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Watersport Playground.
Bali is a well-known paradise of water attractions for tourists from everywhere. However, not only the nature attraction which is delightful to try, but watersport playground is not less fun to try, this is proven by the high interest of tourists visiting various watersport playground in Bali. In Bali there are many watersport playground that is supported by qualified technology and guaranteed safety, some of them that is already very well-known are, banana boat, flying fish, donut boat, parasailing, jet skiing, water skiing, flyboard, etc. This watersport is very suitable alternative for those who want to have fun and relieve stress due to workload or routines.

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