Getting Around in Bali

Upon arriving in Bali, one of the first things you'll have to do is arrange for transportation. In bali, there are much plenty of transportation options to choose, some of them are eco-friendly and the other are not. In almost every country, taxi is very common and it is a great option for most people, due to its safety and fix charge. But, if you want to have more private during your tours you can rent or even carter a car or maybe a mini bus, it depends on how many people that come along with you. Besides, choosing the transportation is also depends on how you would enjoy your holiday, whether budget holiday or luxury holiday it is all up to you. Without further ado here some transportation choices you can go by;

Car Rentals
If you wish to see the beautiful scenery along the way, car rentals could be the best option, because you can freely choose where to go and what to see. If you're not used to driving a right-hand-drive car or feeling not really feel comfortable with Bali’s traffic, you can rent a car with driver, it also can help you to interact with local people (if you don’t speak bahasa), because most of the driver is speaking english. But, in some car rentals in Bali it’s really possible to rent a car without driver, if you wish so. Plenty of car-hire agencies in Bali offer half day services, full day services, weekly rentals, or even pick up services. And in some hotel or villa it may have its own cars and drivers for you as well.


Motorcycle Rentals
Motorcycle is the cheapest and easiest way to get around Bali without any limitation (you can freely choose where to go). Plenty of companies on the streets will hire you a motorcycle, mostly scooter. Don’t forget to always check the motorcycle first to make sure that everything is working well. And don’t forget to ask for the documents and helmet, because these things must be served by the rents, also bring your driving license everywhere you go with motorcycle. In Bali and most of country in south east asia, riding motorcycle is more risky than riding car, it is different from driving in Europe, United States, or Australia, maybe you’ll need some time to adapt, it’s not as easy as it looks like, but if you feel you can handle Bali’s traffic it’s not a problem at all, just be very careful and defensive driver to avoid bad things.

The primary public transportation in Bali is mini bus, called bemo. For some people bemo is not convenient, because for one trip you may transfer twice or even more, usually people just ride bemo for short hops. Bemo have regular routes, usually the route is written on the window. The common reason people still choose to ride bemo is because the price is the most affordable of all transportations and for tourists they usually just want to experience riding the public transport like other Balinese people.


Shuttle Bus
The shuttle bus in Bali stopped in tourist attraction several times daily. The shuttle bus is more convenient and of course faster than the bemo, but it is more expensive too. Shuttle bus is a good choice if you planned to transfer from one town to another town, unfortunately these does not stop at the small village.

If you want to enjoy your holiday in Bali through eco-friendly way, it could be your best choice. Besides, you can exercise your body. Some kinds of bicycle are usually served in Bali, such as mountain bike, road bike, and cruisers bike. Each bicycle supply a helmet and lock to protect you from any damage.


Another best eco-friendly choice is by foot, you can getting around beaches, villages, or any other tourist area, don’t forget to bring a sun hat and a bottle of water, because Bali has a tropical, warm, and humid climate all the year. When you’re walking always pay attention to the paths so that you won’t fall into uncovered drains, especially at night in Ubud area, because it has several uncovered drains that should be fixed soon. And to sum it up be sure you are always insurance-covered and always choose the well-organized rents.
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